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Drugs / I’ll Be With You (Single)


Drugs, an essential diet for some, a disaster for others, the title of one blast-from-the-past, dirty gem of a track from this Black Lips/ Lumina Double A Side.

Or, rather a double-whammy of garage-rock which is all wrapped up in a sleeve featuring artwork by both acts.

With lo-fi charms, Drugs entices you to join in on the retro-disco action before the seedier scenes prevail on flip-side, I’ll Be With You by Lumina (courtesy of Faris Rotter), which creeps on and snakes around you appealingly like the villain of a black and white horror, though thrillingly exquisite. Like a story with a strong sub-plot, between both tracks you are given the complete picture.

Listen: www.myspace.com/theblacklips