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Extremely Sorry Soundtrack


Did Lemmy try out any other Soul classics, I wonder, before settling on Ben E.

King? I’d love to hear what he did to Dock of the Bay or When A Man Loves A Woman. Or perhaps not - the world might end. This is a soundtrack to skateboarding, so it’s got to be short, fast and cool. Most of the time it manages two of those, a few times it manages all three. This mostly happens on the tracks featuring someone or other, who thankfully don’t appear to be turning up for a fee. Black Mountain and the Winston fellow particularly make their presence felt. Generally it’s a great free-for-all, a wheeled melting-pot of styles, genres and moods. Perhaps not as neck-breaking as the film might be but it doesn’t put a foot wrong - too often.

Listen: www.volcoment.com/flipsoundtrack