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G-Factor Heat One - The Golden Cross, Coventry 26/04/2008


Firstly I will explain what G-Factor is, this is a Battle of the Bands style event to decide which local bands from Coventry and Warwickshire get to play at the Godiva festival in July.

So a panel of judges decides from CDs sent in who gets to the heats and then of 5 bands per heat which 2 bands get into the final heat. The overall winner plays Godiva, which is the Midlands biggest free festival, headlining the Friday night in the local tent and then they get to play again on the main stage on the Saturday.

Anyway, the bands for this heat started with the Adam Phillips Trio who had to be subbed in at the last minute as The Pockets frontman Ferris had to go to hospital. The trio were hampered by the fact their drummer couldn’t make it, but they did well without him. Their bluesy low-key style was a nice way to kick things off.

Next up was another Blues band Momma’s in the Kitchen, who had an amazing amount of energy. In fact if this were a vote for the most energetic font man then Jamie would have won hands down.

Third on was The Bellows with their folky/bluesy style, it was credit to them that they all fitted onto the small Cross stage, and that everyone actually fitted into the room to watch them and they are definitely a fan favourite in Coventry.

One of last years finalists The Hearing were next on, and as each band has to do a 20-minute set it was amusing that they only played 3 songs but filled the 20 mins all the same. A class act all the way they had the audience moving to their post rock beats.

Final band on was Men in Caves who were also finalists in last year’s competition. Another favourite with the crowd they had people including myself dancing and singing along all the way.

The overall winners from the joint public and judges vote turned out to be The Bellows and Men in Caves who shared the number one position. A great, but long gig.

Contest Website: www.myspace.com/gfactorcov