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Kerrang - The Album ‘09


I have to admit that before listening to these CDs I did expect to be engulfed in a wave of turgid music made stagnant by the sheer amount of unimagination that had gone into making it.

Was I wrong? Might be! Well there are too many tracks on both CDs to mention them all so I’ll talk about the ones that either are good enough to mention or those that drag up enough of my ire to force me to mention them.

Well first off there’s Green Day, All American Rejects and Nickelback who have now firmly planted themselves in the world of pop music, just because they play guitars in a rock or punk style, if what they do is popular, they’re pop and these guys are out to sell records. Bands worth mentioning from this CD are Theory of a Deadman because they’re song Hate My Life is amusing, even if they do sound a bit like a country Nickelback. The Blackout are well worth a listen, even if they do sound like early Lost Prophets. The King Blues are simply a great band and deserve to be higher up on track listing. Swound! have a very tried and tested style of punk but their track on here We are a Danger is superb. Chiodos are doing something different but very good with their track the weirdly titled Lexington (Joey Pea-Pot with a Monkey Face). And bringing up the rear on the end of this CD are the electro infused punk and rock of Enter Shikari and The Prodigy which means the last 2 songs aren’t a let down that two thirds of this CD have been for me.

IRE Tracks for CD 1 are Madina Lake, Cobra Starship and Metro Station. Are these bands rock, seriously they all sound like boy bands!

OK onto CD2, and it strikes me that if CD1 is for Kerrang Radio listeners then CD2 is there for Kerrang Magazine readers. Harder, more metal like and a lot better to listen to, well most of it. Just because a band is metal doesn’t mean the overwhelming lack of serious imagination isn’t there because some of these bands really need to think about their overuse of the double bass drum pedal. I really got fed up of hearing dubbadubba dubbadubba dubbadubba dubbadubba all over the track!

So we start with Slipknot which I thought was the closest thing to Pop Metal there is until I heard track two, which is Dragonforce. My God they are just ridiculous, like eighties leftovers who have listened to a LOT of early nineties Euro-Pop. Mastodon’s Divinations is very impressive, whilst Marilyn Manson’s We’re From America is rubbish, I hear what he’s trying to say but, nah, rubbish. Gallows confuse me, are they actually from London or are they just taking the piss with this song London Is The Reason? Disturbed are worth a mention as they’ve written a good song here in The Night where they don’t need to growl as singing can be just as effective in metal, however DevilDriver seem to think the exact opposite, in which we are treated to a total lack of imagination, metal by numbers. Then we have Shinedown, Papa Roach and Fightstar, I thought this was the metal CD? I like what Lamb of God are doing very cool riffs on Set to Fail. Finally Blakfish and Rolo Tomassi aren’t to my personal taste but what they are doing is very interesting and worth remembering for the future.

IRE Tracks for CD2 are Outrcry Collective, that song is just plain annoying and Static-X, didn’t know they were still going or had reformed, there song is dull, except the bits where he sounds like a small yapper type dog, that’s quite funny.

Website: www.kerrang.com