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Kodiak & Nadja - Split


With Sunn o))) getting increased mainstream media coverage lately (including an album-of-the-year shout from the Guardian, for Doom’s sake), is the world about to be crushed under primordial slab?

Time for some tag-team turgidity, then, from Canada’s Nadja and Germany’s Kodiak. The latter open proceedings on this split release with a not-unexpected few minutes of sounding very similar to Messrs. Anderson and O’Malley, only without the depth of their void. The monstrous metal stabs are welcome, as are the choir-like levels of feedback. This is, I would suggest, the sound a glacier would make as it went by your house, flattening your neighbours.

Nadja conjure a Gregorian drone, with frosty synth fuzz. There are Merzbow-levels of white noise, too, such that the more musical sounds are viewed as through Niagara Falls. Like much of this type of music, there’s enjoyment to be had from listening to it and as much to be had when it stops - wallow in the endorphin kick. The Canadians have been looking at their shoes for a few years longer than their German Freunds, resulting in a more refined buzz. Kodiak have kept more metal in the mix, so may have more mileage amongst those who like a tune.

Listen: www.myspace.com/nadjaluv & www.myspace.com/kodiakdoom