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Lavotchkin / Crocus - EP Split


Blasting straight out of the speakers, Newcastle based Lavotchkin spare no time in marking their territory.

Moving away from the Botch-ism’s of their earlier material. Their 3 tracks display a more grown up, bigger, dirty, rock approach to their chosen genre. Earthy sounding guitars and hoarse screaming rule here. “You Were Dawn” tears away from the starting line, bouncing and smashing its way through before the slowed-down-Hope-Con-sounding “Abandon” sluggishly bullies its way into your head. Wrapping it up with “Clouds” they end on a positive and chaotic note. This bodes well for their debut album.

Crocus hail from Falmouth (that Bastion of rock) and have been listening to Gravity Records roster quite some from this recording, which is no bad thing and they do build on this influence. Mixing in a more punk approach with some technicality in the playing department. Think of all your favourites; Hot Cross, Saetia, City Of Caterpillar, Swing Kids etc and then take that sound and mix it with something very home grown. You have Crocus.

It’s maybe a bit early to be heaping too much on them but the 3 tracks show a vision and skill that left to breathe and develop could be mighty impressive.

There you go; 2 awesome British bands.

Listen: www.myspace.com/smalltownrecords