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Nightpass - All We Give Is Air + My Polaris Artillery - As Shoulder Turns To Elbow


For a Copenhagen band, Nightpass make a pretty good fist of sounding like they’re from Seattle or Chicago, especially in the shouty department.

Musically, things veer between REM and Wedding Present jangle-riff, with a vague ambience that makes things much more listenable than the usual ‘landfill indie’.

My Polaris Artillery score points before a note has hit a speaker, coming as they do from the Danish town of Middelfart. I’m sorry, but that’s just how it is. Points are lost, however, with their mild screamo jibber-jabber atop stop-start-stop-actually-let’s-just-stop-eh guitar abuse. Plus, they sound like they take themselves far too seriously - odd, given the song titles. Maybe the lyrics are hidden gems of Danish comedy, who knows? If so, they’re quite well hidden - from me, anyway.

So, we’ll give Nightpass a pass and My Polaris Artillery, sadly, a pass off.

Listen: www.myspace.com/nightpass1 & www.myspace.com/mypolarisartillery