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Platform Promotions Night at The Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham 07.11.2008


First off let me say a little about the venue, the Sunflower Lounge is a cool little bar in Birmingham, which has a cosy room downstairs which plays host to many gigs.

It has nice leather sofas and a great sound, which did not disappoint on the Friday night I was there.

The 1st band of the night was The Musgraves, who were a very tight band in the same vain as Ben Folds, but with a fetching young lady on violin and backing vocals. Theirs are the sort of songs you just can’t help tapping your feet along to.

Next up were Leamington’s Fix Monday playing their upbeat poppy numbers. I should imagine their songs were catchy and sing-along, if other members of the audience who knew the band were anything to go by, but due to difficulties with the PA it made hearing the lyrics very difficult. However one of the most interesting moments of the night or even ever in my history of attending gigs was when Fix Monday left the stage to perform a 4 part harmony song amongst the crowd, using only one guitar to accompany them.

The 3rd band on were Mezza Tonic who gave us funky rock songs similar to Jamiroquai but with a drummer who seemed to put unusual heavy rock drum fills into what was essential quite light music? I sometimes wonder just because you can do something, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should. That said the drummer and the bassist were sickeningly good at what they did and made for entertaining watching.

The 4th band of the night was Coventry’s The Way, and as I am the drummer in this band I can’t really say how well we played or how good we sounded. All as I can say is that despite technical hitches with one of our guitar amps, we thoroughly enjoyed our set and had seemed to go down pretty well.

The last band of the night was The Gazelles and unfortunately as the last band on much of the crowd had gone. But that didn’t stop them performing their Oasis/Stone Roses influenced indie sound; the singer did also bare a striking resemblance to Ian Brown and his on stage mannerisms too.

Overall, the night had an eclectic mix of styles which each of the 5 bands on being very different from each other. Plus I wasn’t bored for a minute, so a very cool and well run evening of entertainment.

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