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Sons Of Alpha Centauri + Treasure Cat - Last Days Of Summer


When this popped up on ye olde review list I thought hmm yes I shall have this for I am a fan of said doom / post rock style of music and I’m sure I will dig this … I was wrong …..


Exciting, innovative, experimental, amazing, and awesome; these are all words you can’t use to describe this release. Dull, repetitive, uninspired, derivative these are more on the button for this.

This is about the third time I have written this review based on the fact that it is such a mish-mash of stolen ideas redone in a tepid way that its hard to be positive about it, in fact its harder to write a lot about it based on it having, well, basically nothing within it worth writing about which will explain the briefness of this review. I’m sure after this goes up any fans of either band will shout SHENANIGANS! and possibly explain why this is the greatest thing ever but they are idiots and are wrong.

Is this really how I’m ending this review? Yes it is.

Listen: www.myspace.com/sonsofalphacentauri & www.myspace.com/treasurecatwv