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Souvaris + Sincabeza - Clown Jazz


A cross-channel work, then, between Nottingham (Souvaris) and Bordeaux (Sincabeza).

England has the edge, I feel, with Souvaris’ raid on Tortoise fairly leaping from the speakers. Pleasing and surprising, since my last experience of the band (in a live situation, admittedly) had me thinking Mogwai thoughts. No matter - there’s plenty to enjoy in the well-worked couple on offer, here. The two tracks work as a single entity, with Hello, Antelope being particularly bounce-worthy.

France throws Devo’s kitchen sink at their three tracks, creating a new-noise wave vibe which sounds promising but proves ultimately tiring. Sincabeza have their moments, however and in le flesh they would be un grand fromage, no doubt. They provide punch rather than promenade, a punkier antidote to Souvaris’ more gentle energies.

Listen: www.myspace.com/souvaris, www.myspace.com/sincabeza