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Taking Woodstock OST


If the film is half as good as its soundtrack, it’ll be doing very well.

A very well-chosen collection of famous, not-so famous and infamous tracks, with snippets of newly-recorded instrumental atmospherics which fit right in (Opening makes more than a nod towards the unsurprisingly-absent Hendrix, for example).

Worth a punt for a decent idea of what all the fuss was about all those years ago and also to realise how little we have progressed as a species since then - still fighting needless wars, still taking too many bad drugs, still holding muddy music festivals (although any protest against the former during the latter is swamped by a combination of gross over-consumption and the long truncheon of the law, of course).

Can you imagine anyone doing the kind of audience participation now that Country Joe managed then? I can’t. Oh, and there’s a bonus in the form of actual Woodstock opener Richie Havens supplying a new version of Freedom, forty years on, lacking no power, passion or drive. Ang Lee directed the film. All together, now - ‘Don’t make me Ang Lee. . .’

Listen: www.takingwoodstockthemovie.com