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Viking Skull, Vains of Jenna & General - The Queen’s Hall - 10.12.2008


First on were General who started whilst we were still downstairs in Nuneaton rock bar The Crew.

And it wasn’t so much that we could hear them, as feel them. Bluesy Rock in the same vein as Kyuss and Soundgarden, General also at times reminded me of Sabbath and Life of Agony. Their heavy bass driven songs had us nodding like demented dogs, whilst the vocalist treated us all to John Garcia/Chris Cornell esque power. And all this they did without their lead guitarist.

Next up were Vains of Jenna who kicked off in big sleaze rock style that got all the photographers excited and clicking away. The vocalist gave us his best screeching ‘Axl’ Like vocals and seemed to have a penchant for spitting everywhere and giving the crowd the finger? Their Gn’R/80s big hair style did seem to get old quick. Not to say they were formulaic but I noticed in almost every song the singer would take a step back for the lead guitarist to show us what he could do. Also, I’ve always been told that wearing your own bands t-shirt onstage was uncool, but not so any more as the VofJ drummer appears to advocate the practice.

Last on and touring their Fourth album was Viking Skull. Having not experienced this band before, it only took a few songs for me to perfect a few words to sum them up - Rock n’ Roll Behemoths! With gravely vocals, the chunkiest riffs and driving beats, these guys epitomise British Rock at its best. Especially with riffs that alluded to Sabbath and The Who. This band really capped off what was an enjoyable night of music and they are really a cool bunch of lads too.

Listen: www.myspace.com/vikingskull, www.myspace.com/vainsofjenna