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While She Sleeps / And White Stars - Split


Both bands on this split EP are both South Yorkshire (SoYo for the cool kids) based.

Both peddle their wares in a metallic way.

While She Sleeps sound like Killswitch Engage would if they were to take lessons off the Dillinger Escape Plan. Off time chugs, blast beats a plenty and a vocalist who could make blood curdle into some kind of gore filled yoghurt. The real stars that shine through on the WSS side of this split are the guitarists. They weave in and out of the machine gun chug with melodic twiddles that wouldn’t sound out of place on the latest Eyes of a Traitor release.

And White Stars do a similar thing to While She Sleeps, but take a more Massachusetts approach. Their first track on the split, ‘Atlantis’ reminds me of Blood Has Been Shed if they were to get rid of Howard Jones and have a rather angry Yorkshire man take over vocal duties.

This split doesn’t break any new ground, but it does the metalcore thing quite well when everything else around seems to be locked into a breakdown orientated dick measuring contest. It’s metal, it’s fun and it chugs and barks in all the right places.

Listen: www.myspace.com/whileshesleeps & www.myspace.com/andwhitestars