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Dirty Girl (Single)

Velvet Star

Velvet Star’s drummer is called The Head, as in John “The Ox” Entwhistle.

Rock N Roll!!! Nicknames are cool; they take an individual’s day name and turn it into something unrecognisable, as one of my brothers friends found out. His name and is now “Ch”. Is there another Ch out there?

My point being is that sleazy glam rockers Velvet Star have seemed to forget that naming your band after your favourite band is not going to cut it in a world of !!!’s. If you listen to their new single “Dirty Girl” and you will hear not only Velvet Revolver, but Guns n Roses too. So probably about 30 degrees east of being a tribute band...chuck in a few Stone Temple Pilots riffs and badda bing.

But seriously; the riffs and solo’s are there, the Head is there, but singer is running late. Sometimes imitation is the most sincere form of flattery and I don’t see Axl anywhere.

I wonder what The Head’s real name is, he sounds like a badass...like Shutty from Terrorivison. He was bonkers!

Listen: www.myspace.com/velvetstarband