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It’s Raining On One Of My Islands (Single)

Ventura feat. David Yow

Swiss post-punk, with the voice of the Jesus Lizard.

Got to be good, right? Well, yes and no. Yow continues to dazzle and infuriate in equal measure. The trio backing him thunder it up big style. Neither track hangs around long - It’s Raining. . . is over four and a half minutes but seems shorter, somehow. Tectonic bass riffs beneath schizophrenic guitars and a Shellac drum-punch, before Yow starts to yowl about haematologists, burning houses and a city of ashes. Le Petit Chaperon Beige belies its winsome title by beating the listener about the head with what sounds like Yow struggling to get out of bed, hallucinating like a bastard. There’s plenty of death in the old dog, yet.

Listen: www.myspace.com/vntr