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Vice On Victory

Vice on Victory’s debut offering on Standby Records is a highly polished record of uptempo, female fronted, pop-rock.

As a reviewer I am always looking for an angle to approach each release from so as to review it in a new interesting way. Unfortunately for Vice on Victory I will have to do what I assume every other reviewer has done and focus on the vocal delivery of singer Dany. From the slightly more brusque delivery on Hearts like These, to the soaring chorus on Hit the Ground, the vocals are striking and remarkably versatile. The female voice complements the music for the most part, although there are moments when her voice seems a touch nasally and whiny such as on the album title track.

Unfortunately, an impressive vocal performance cannot hide what are, on the whole, pretty immature and unimpressive lyrics, but then this is pop-punk or pop-rock, as long as the music is catchy and you can sing-a-long that is the important thing right? Well in this department Vice on Victory hit the target dead on. The album is filled with huge hooks and impressive musicianship. The album opener, Straight Jacket Strategy, is the perfect choice to fire off the album, summing up perfectly what Vice on Victory set out to do, catchy melodies, huge hooks and chunky guitar parts. The inclusion of the pointless Ivy is perplexing but luckily, the album picks up another gear with the Anberlin-esque Hearts like These, a very strong contender for the best song on the disc.

There is the obligatory slower song that gradually crescendos to reach an “epic” final chorus inLife Worth Living which feels somewhat out of place, but these slightly negative aspects are offset by the more positive ones. However, the biggest problem this album has is in terms of its lasting value, and while only time can really tell, I feel this album may not stick with me for too long. That being said, for a debut effort this is a solid album, and credit must go to the producer John Burke for doing an outstanding job throughout the record.

Vice on Victory may not have set the world on fire with this release but they have warned that next time the flames must just start getting higher.

Listen: www.myspace.com/viceonvictory