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@The Shed, Leicester - 17th April 2007

Voodoo Glow Skulls

A bit of a disapointing turn out for a band with such a good repretation, still, there were a whole new generation of fans out tonight which kept the most pit movin’, so it can’t all be bad!


To start proceedings off we were treated to Yorkshire boys Random Hand, who although they have been about for quite some time, havn’t really done much touring. So, it was a pleasure to be able to check them out. Singer Robin Leitch, wearing his England t-shirt proudly, launched off their set playing the Trombone, when they stopped he set about telling us he had an important safety message... that we had to come closer to keep the fire exit clear... nice and cheeky attempt at getting people up front. That about sums up the band really, cheeky. There is something raw and carefree about the way they play which makes it for a very enjoyable gig. The highlight song was Scum Triumphant, a ska-punk rampage tune, along the lines of The Filaments rather than the likes of Reel Big Fish (Check this tune out on their myspace page - http://www.myspace.com/randomhand)


Next to play were Grown At Home. For some reason the first thing I notice tonight is what everyone is wearing... so it’s a bit odd to see the whole band decked out in the same black Dickies shorts n Shirts... sponsorship deal maybe? Anyway, these guys are a tight knit bunch, who for some reason remind me of The Lost Prophets... possibly because of the ’Uniform’ or possibly the similarity in vocals, esp. the harmonies, but they’re no where near being an Emo band, these guys play happy ska... decked out with a Trombone & a trumpet... this is what the kids go mental for in the pit. It’s very, very much along the lines of Capdown, but without the variety or verosity. If the last band were working class, then these guys are middle class... (I still can’t beleive my mate told the singer of Random Hand that I’d said that!). - oh may I just add my mate thinks the singer looks like Stiffler from the American Pie movies... what yourecon?


I’ve seen the Voodoo Glow Skulls many times over the years, (after all they have been playing since 1988 - yes before some of you were even born) at various places, the biggest probably the Millenium Dome, so it’s slightly weird seeing them in such a small venue. So, tonight, on a tiny stage the guys, with sweat pouring down their faces, deliver their fast paced bi-lingual ska-punk with as much energy as if they were playing to 1000 people rather than the 100 or so in front of them.


They kick off with one of my fave tunes ’Human PiƱata’ off The ’Geek Band Mafia’ with Vocalist Frank Casillas in his trademark mask (soon disguarded due to the heat). With tunes spanning their whole career on the list tonight, the likes of ’Fat Randy’ and the spanish tune ’El Coo Cooi’... an intensly fast ska-punk offering... I really feel for the drummer! (Seen at the end of the show propping himself us against the stage looking like he might just pass out!).


They even threw in their intense cover of ’Charlie Brown’ off ’Firme’ which is always good for a bit of audience participation! (download at http://www.epitaph.com/artists/album/250/)

Totally good set, I just wish more people had turned up to witness it... they’re still on tour though, so get yr tickets now!