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I Go I Go I Go (Single)

Wave Machines

Five years ago this would have been something different, we were swamped in bands thrashing out garage rock and this would have been a great change of pace, unfortunately for Wave Machines, they’re simply lost in the crowd.

’I Go I Go I Go’ is no bad song by any means, in fact, it’s rather decent. It has a certain child like quality that is hard to ignore and it’s pure simplicity is executed perfectly, sure they wear their influences on their sleeves but it’s by no means obnoxious although maybe the one man hand clapping section was ill advised.

The lyrics are very straight forward and tell a simple, yet common story, although there is some attempt at social commentary it’s never overly stated but never dealt with quite the panache of someone like Alex Turner.

So why not the better score? Well as I suggested in my opening paragraph it’s simply feels and sounds like the majority of new bands breaking through, there is definitely a huge synth driven market exposed and in the small independent community it’s over exposed, no slight on the band it’s just currently not doing it for me.

Listen: www.myspace.com/mywavemachine