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Koko - 23rd November 2007

We Are The Physics

There’s a circle brewing with a punk-twist among the indie revellers on Koko’s dance floor tonight, at Club NME of all places, what in blazes is going on?

With a glance on stage at the boys shouting, “Your Shit Is Bananas” all is revealed amid the genre blurred explosions of We Are The Physics.

Forget the Gwen Stefani images in the aforementioned phrase, the speedy sounds from this Glaswegian quartet, animate the bizarre imagery of Devo with a fierier punked-up Bis and the experimentalism in Test Icicles.

While the band’s nerdy dress-code could be self-referential, there is no denying that their attack is powerful as lead singer Michael (One of three Michaels in the band) pauses little for breath.

As the tunes flow non-stop from Less Than Three to Bulimia Sisters the circle diminishes and the crowd find a less daunting way to show their approval opting for rabid dancing instead. After such an exhausting yet baffling set, the DJ’s can try all they want to mess it up with racy offerings, but tonight’s peak already rose and fell, inevitably, like the rules of physics.

Listen: www.myspace.com/wearethephysics