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Welcome To My World (Single)

We Rock Like Girls Don’t

I honestly thought this was going to be some grunge-less Hole-clone trash, then the harmonies kicked in & it was like early Breeders.

Simple solid riffs, with interesting stops & starts, then you realise there’s only two of them.

Oh. My. Days. That’s a lot of noise. Each section has a simplicity that on its own wouldn’t be all that much to shout about, but when put together create something altogether more complex. Familiar, but not ever boring, both tracks fully deserve their A-side status.

Let’s face it, they had me with the hand claps & proto-grunge riffs, like the All Girl Summer Fun Band’s angry older sisters, who smoke fags & drive American hot rods that leak oil on the drive.

They do rock like girls don’t, they rock like ladies should.

Listen: www.myspace.com/werocklikegirlsdont