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Oxford Zodiac at the Carling Academy, 19th September 2008

We The Kings

All I really knew of We The Kings before arriving at the venue this evening was that they’d been at this very venue with Boys Like Girls just a matter of months previously.

Upon the start of their set, it is evident that they must have made quite an impact, as the entire front 8 to 10 rows of the crowd are dancing like teenagers-possessed, and singing along to every word. Singer/guitarist Travis Clark really does have this group of hormone-ridden devotees in the palm of his hand.

The standard of music that this group of young Floridians is producing here tonight is far higher than my expectations. It’s sunny weather power-pop at its finest, and has me (feeling distinctly old and haggard) at the back of the room bobbing my head with a ridiculous grin smeared across my face. Like The Academy Is…, the headliners this evening, there are charmingly witty lyrics to reflect the flaws in youth culture and mindset, but with the most catchy choruses you’ll hear this year - something that their counterparts such as Boys Like Girls simply don’t seem to have the ability to do with any real sincerity. “Secret Valentine” along with their ingenious cover of Gorillaz’ “Feel Good Inc” are the real highlights of their 40 minutes or so on stage tonight, so much so, that I shall certainly be buying tickets to see them again in the new year.

Listen: www.myspace.com/wethekings