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Everything Must Go

We’ll All Be Heroes

There’s no doubt that the trio on ‘Everything Must Go’ can play and can craft catchy melody after catchy melody.

Singer/guitarist cut his chops as a session musician in LA before returning to north east England to form We’ll All Be Heroes (who have become a foursome since this EP was recorded with the addition of drummer James Waterson’s sister Kim).

But just as session musicians express little identity of their own on record, WABH do little on ‘Everything Must Go’ to really stand out. The twiddly metal solos on the title track and the combination of one whiny, nasal voice with another affected, screamy one (best displayed on ‘Burn Your Bridges’) have been deployed by countless post-hardcore and screamo bands across the UK and US - from Kids In Glass Houses to Broadway Calls, to The Used before them.

A youthful swagger rather than emo whinging is on show on ‘I Just Wanna Party!’ An element of carefree daftness and a chunky, groovy riff are welcome additions to WABH’s arsenal. Unfortunately it’s not maintained on ‘Locked Out’, which is by-numbers scream save for a few eerie, gothic interludes. This lot have a little way to go to before they reach hero status.

Listen: www.myspace.com/allbeheroes