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We’ll Die Smiling

There is always one isn’t there.

That kid that is too awkward to be part of anything, a fence sitter if you will. The noisy buggers in We’ll Die Smiling are fence sitters. They hop in and out of genres at will. Stamping around like naughty children. Too chaotic and spiky for metallers, too aggro and oddball for hardcore and far too intelligent with it all for the post-rock side of it all. We’ll Die Smiling bring to mind 90’s legends like Drowningman, Burn it Down and Crestfallen. They have melody in buckets but it’s chopped and changed within the caustic screaming and twitching song structures at will, never settling into a particular safe or comfortable zone.

They only have four songs here but they contain more ideas than most bands can manage over a full album. That should be a good enough reason to get into this band now.

Listen: www.myspace.com/welldiesmiling