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Wake Up (Single)

White Light Parade

Big choruses can make or break a what might just seem an average indie band, that extra little hook that drives the track over into the mainstream and get Joe Bloggs whistling your melody can make the world of difference.

The issue with White Light Parade is, the chorus only wants to be big.

On the surface this is generic pop rock you’ve heard all before, not really an original concept here but as the case proves that isn’t always an issue, the problem is the hook just isn’t there, they’re kind of like The Enemy without the powerful melodies and half the character, they’re essentially for want of a better word, average.

The CD as a whole isn’t without it’s merit though, the B side is a ’reggae remix’ of the single and the vocal lends it’s self far more favourably to this, so much so I would have suggested that this was the single, it’s far more interesting.

Despite the improvements of the remix there is isn’t really much being said here, the lyrics are generic and at worse mundane, and they wear thin very quickly. Nothing offends me and the content isn’t terrible, but why celebrate mediocrity?

Hopefully I haven’t condemned White Light Parade too much because after all, this is only one song and the rest of their repertoire could be far superior, but if that’s the case I debate why this is a single?

Listen: www.myspace.com/whitelightparade