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Slightly Delighted


Your appreciation of this South-of-the-river trio will probably hinge on whether you can stomach the high-pitched Pavement-meets-Hefner vocalising of guitar and lyrics man Gavin Housley, vocals his own PR describe as ‘feline’.

That’s as in ‘like a cat’. Check out the opening track, where we leap to uncomfortable heights within seconds. Elsewhere, we have a ukulele’d stab at Joanna Newsom for variety (Tacit), together with loping bass and breathiness (Headscream). The whole ends with the six minutes-plus attempted indie epic of Memory Net, which possesses a guitar line not lacking charm but it’s nothing that Ball Boy haven’t done before and many times better. If they can avoid drowning in the love from Lowe, Lamacq and co., things could happen. Until then, it’s continued crawling of the Camden sidewalks.

Listen: www.myspace.com/williamtheband