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Willie & The Wheel

Willie Nelson & Asleep At The Wheel

This album defines ‘timeless’.

The late, great Mr. Rhythm & Blues himself, Jerry Wexler, originally scribbled ‘WN’ next to various tracks on his Western Swing LPs, thus beginning this thirty-year project. It’s well worth the wait. Willie & The Wheel oozes class from every flawless solo, every filthy lyric. Yes, filthy, you irony-drenched, baggy-bottomed youth. We forget, in these days when every plugging of a hole is but a mouse-click away, that artists used to have to mention naughtiness in a roundabout way. Check out this, from Fan It: ‘My mamma’s in the kitchen / just heard the back door slam / come out of that kitchen, honey / quit scorching that ham.’ Genius. You could be into Death Metal or Happy-Slappy Techno-Dippy Hardcore but if you care about music AT ALL, this album should get you. Get it.