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Get Down and Give Me Infinity

Without Thought

Imagine if Jimmy Eat World did more shouting and liked metal, or if Give up the Ghost did more singy bits.

Would the addition of the extra range make the music any better? Probably not, no. More variety isn’t necessarily a good thing, especially when it leads to what feels like rather a lack of focus and coherence.

Let’s be fair here. Without Thought are nowhere near as good as either of the two bands mentioned above (at their peaks, certainly) but they’re not all bad either. Their combination of metallic hardcore and melodic rock is nothing new (it actually reminds me of The Killing Tree in places, which is no bad thing) but it’s written and played well enough, and is generally pretty solid. If you’re a fan of that old Ferret stuff (early From Autumn to Ashes, Skycamefalling, that kind of thing) then you may well enjoy it quite a bit.

Listen: www.myspace.com/withoutthought