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Third One Rises

World Sanguine Report

It’s pretty clear from the get go what this is all about.

Andrew Plummer’s anguished howl sits uneasily with the syncopated and off kilter jazz in a style that cannot help but evoke memories of Tom Waits. But whilst Tom has perhaps mellowed somewhat with age Andrew seems to still be full of spit and bile. His songs are often personal where Tom’s are abstract, violent rather than considered. The music ranges from gentle, smoky barroom jazz to a cacophony of strings, horns and percussion seemingly barely even related to one another.

By no means does this make for easy listening - in fact initially (again like Tom Waits) it can seem almost impenetrable, a wall of noise with no apparent chink for entrance. But repeated and closer listens will reveal myriad ways in - be it Plummer’s guttural growl, a double bass line or a clarinet. Like all truly great records it rewards the listener who is willing and able to persevere. A record this ambitious succeeds or fails on the strength of its players. Fortunately, the musicians on Third One Rises are more than up to the challenge.

Apart from the obvious Tom Waits comparison, there is another parallel to be made with Murder by Death. If Murder by Death had come from a jazz rather than punk background, they could well have produced something vaguely akin to this. As it is, World Sanguine Report have given us something truly special, that deserves to be heard.

Listen: www.myspace.com/andrewplummer