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Live @ The Roundhouse London 2008

X-Ray Spex

Yes, another act from the dim n’ distant, reformed for your pleasure.

I would say ‘consumerist pleasure’ but given that the band concerned is X-Ray Spex that wouldn’t be the case. Would it? Anyway, the bumph tells us Poly Styrene and her saxed-up thrashers ‘influenced a whole new scene of indie kids and post-Riot Grrrl rockers like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and The Gossip’ which may very well be true. But who cares at this point in the cosmos? A venerable punk of my acquaintance describes the ‘Spex as ‘great fun, not life-changing but good for a drunk skank-a-thon’ which sums up this recording of the band’s reformation gig quite well. The album is an audio time machine - hit play and be instantly taken back to 1976. The DVD manages to make the Roundhouse look as much like a punk club as possible. The songs remain left-field classics from a field that was pretty left to begin with. You may have your cynical snort but at least Poly doesn’t do margarine ads. Yet.

Listen: www.x-rayspex.com