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It’s Blitz!

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Considering it’s only six years since YYYs breakthrough album ‘Fever To Tell’, it’s pretty alarming to hear how much the band have changed.

After we all fell in love with ‘Fever To Tell’, I was certainly expecting more of the same but the Brooklyn three piece silenced the harshest critics with 2006’s ‘Show Your Bones’ and 2007’s ‘Is Is’, with it’s uncompromising and ballsy grungy filth.

But something had to give; YYYs were part of the brief ‘new wave’ movement when virtually anything from New York was almost heralded as the next big thing. It is therefore actually quite nice to see them still around and to see them do something completely different.

Disappointingly, it’s quite easy to get off side early with their latest offering; ‘It’s Blitz!’. Everything I’ve ever read comments on how ‘there’s no guitar, where’s the guitar?!’, and in fairness there’s not much to find. Frankly this is a bit of a shame, given how much Zinner’s guitar work stylises the band. But let’s get past that. Change people, change.

The album begins with current single; Zero’, which despite its constant exposure and airplay is far from the finest song on the album. But you don’t need to wait long for the record to come into its own, and when it does we are met with a delightful mash of beats and synths and Karen O’s unique and sweet yelping skilfully draped over the top. The record maintains a similar vibe courtesy of long-time collaborator and producer Dave Sitek (TV On The Radio), and displays some Karen O’s best vocal performances to date, the mix of sincerity and tension compliments the record in a blissful way.

It’s a brave and ultimately daring move for the band, considering the devoted fan base they have built up. Those who are waiting for another ‘Fever To Tell’ will most likely be disappointed, but this mature and confident album showcasing a different side to a much loved, interesting and progressive band.

Listen: www.myspace.com/yeahyeahyeahs