Die Shellsuit, Die!

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ICA - 6th March 2008


Two synthesizers and a keyboard are lined up on stage in preparation for tonight’s live act.

So, it would be fair to assume that the crowd gathered in London’s ICA are about to bear witness to an eighties homage of all manners, or perhaps the next electronic offering under the now old, new rave banner. But all expectations fade instantly when Brooklyn quartet, Yeasayer swamp the air with surreal and layered melodies that blur the realms of reality as singer, Chris Keating belts out a vocal soundtrack fit for a sunset, or Sunrise for that matter. With each word an emotion arrives as Chris contorts his face, stamps his feet and raises his arm high above his head in a slow roaming dance around his synths.

It would be easy to forget that there are only four men performing on stage as the layers continue to expand and consume all space in the room, now with added harmonies as bassist Ira Wolf Tuton and guitarist Anand Wilder join in for a chorus that would rival the Beach Boys were it not for the melancholy tones. While Yeasayer’s music dispels the need for stage theatrics a little dry ice wouldn’t go amiss as the set highlight arrives with last years double A-side smash, 2080 which despite it’s futuristic title seems to channel the eighties via Fleetwood Mac. Like the effect of a three hour movie epic, the audience are left to understand what they have just witnessed as they leave Yeasayer’s warmth behind to face the reality of the cold night outside.

Listen: www.myspace.com/yeasayer