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These Birds Will Kill Us All

Zico Chain

The bastard child of grunge and pop-punk, Zico Chain take the tone of the former and give it a massive kick up the arse with the frantic sensibilities of the latter.

Singer Chris Glithero deftly dances the line between the two, giving us accessible vocal melodies shot-through with satisfying bite.

While leaning a little more towards the pop-punk side than they have up to now, These Birds Will Kill Us All maintains a welcome ferocity, taking the industrial muscle of the Deftones and giving it a friendlier make-over. Although sharing some stylistic overlap with new-grunge contemporaries Esoterica; Zico Chain produce something far more energetic and commercial (in a good way).

First track These Birds Will Kill Us All shows the band at their best; meaty, pounding rock, crisp vocals and lyrics, meaningless but delivered with passion. You can see the influence touring with Velvet Revolver has had in the bouncing drive and chorus of second track Bile N Blood. Third and final track Daycase is nothing short of a punk-metal sea-shanty. Ace.

Overall, three short, frantic songs, that’ll stick in your head, but not in your craw.

Deep and meaningful? No. Fun and memorable? Yes.

A bit like: Alice in Chains have decided to give uppers a try then gone zorbing.

Listen: www.myspace.com/zicochain